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If you’re considering contacting the site about submitting your own guest post, please just take a few minutes to read the below first.

Getting your content out there is a great way to build relationships and attract more visitors to your site or product. I’m always looking to grow the site and get new content on here, so if you think you can offer valuable content about life, lifestyle, love, money, personal finance etc, then read on…

What subjects should my guest post be about?

  • Life in general – know any good life hacks/tips to do something better/quicker/easier?
  • Lifestyle – how you can improve your lifestyle – healthy eating, fitness tips, eating well, stress management etc
  • Love  – love is all you need according to The Beatles, so why not spread the love by offering relationship/dating tips or advice?
  • Money – it makes the world go round doesn’t it? Tell the world how to save money, how they can manage their finances better, how they can cut costs down, or how to get a bargain!

Why should I give you my content? What’s in it for me?

  • You’ll get the chance to promote your blog to more viewers, which will increase traffic to your site
  • You’ll get two links in the content for your troubles
  • No lengthy delays in publishing  – I’ll have your post live within 72 hours

What are your guidelines?

  • No duplicate content. Copying and pasting is not hard, and is easy  to detect. It takes around 10 seconds to find out if you’ve stolen an article from someone else, and it won’t get published here
  • No porn links. I won’t promote viagra or ways to improve the size of a reader’s ‘member’
  • Word count – a minimum of 500 words.

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